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I have always found myself drawn to and engaged in creative environments. Since childhood my favorite occupation has been a mix of painting, drawing, designing or writing. Very often while focusing on doing one thing I suddenly feel inspired to do the other. It is a very dynamic process where motivation and inspiration depend on each other and keep creativity flowing between all categories.

As a natural effect of this I have also found it very attractive and inspiring to work in different theatres with different focus areas. The chance to engage with other artists has proven very valuable, not only in relation to the quality and feel of the job I am doing in the unique situation, but also afterwards when back in my home studio. There is always something extra to achieve among other kindred spirits, a unique development, which would be difficult to undergo alone.

This site is mainly focused around my painting, illustration and writing, but if you wish to have a more complete overview of the things I have engaged in, please have a look here

Feel free to leave a comment here on the site or contact me directly